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Kyokushin-kan Radio #8 Essence and pidding matters

Progress in the modern world is remarkable. "Bring civilization back 100 years!" It is the words of Sousai Oyama, who was told about 30 years ago when he saw that people were becoming too convenient and people were corrupt. What would he thi

Kyokushin-kan Radio #7 What Budo Karate is

When I was a Uchideshi(apprentice), Kancho Royama proposed karate as martial arts, not competitive karate. Emphasized the differences between sports and karate, and the necessity of training that always assumes actual combat. At that time, Kancho

Kyokushin-kan Radio #4 The kyokushin karate is forever A week before President Oyama's death, I was called to Seiluka Hospital (St. Luke's International Hospital), where he was hospitalized. As I walked into the hospital room, the president sat on the bed and stared at

Kyokushin-kan Radio #3 Practice 3 years ahead In the world of sumo wrestling, there is a word called practice three years ahead. It takes three years to realize the results even if you do shikofumi (basic stamping sumo training) and teppo-tsuki (open hand sumo

Kancho Royama Story /01.A broken clock When I was 25 years old, when I was worried about my future and alienated from the world, one of my teachers, Kenichi Sawai (founder of Taikiken), told me a story about a broken clock with

Kyokushin-kan Radio #1 What Kyokushinkan aims for Kyokushin Karate is a karate that was created by studying and experiencing all kinds of martial arts and the rigorous training that my teacher, President Mas Oyama, imposed on himself. Nowadays, it h