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極真空手道連盟 極真館

Kyokushin-kan Radio #4 The kyokushin karate is forever A week before President Oyama's death, I was called to Seiluka Hospital (St. Luke's International Hospital), where he was hospitalized. As I walked into the hospital room, the president sat on the bed and stared at

Kyokushin-kan Radio #3 Practice 3 years ahead In the world of sumo wrestling, there is a word called practice three years ahead. It takes three years to realize the results even if you do shikofumi (basic stamping sumo training) and teppo-tsuki (open hand sumo

Kancho Royama Story /01.A broken clock When I was 25 years old, when I was worried about my future and alienated from the world, one of my teachers, Kenichi Sawai (founder of Taikiken), told me a story about a broken clock with

Kyokushin-kan Radio #1 What Kyokushinkan aims for Kyokushin Karate is a karate that was created by studying and experiencing all kinds of martial arts and the rigorous training that my teacher, President Mas Oyama, imposed on himself. Nowadays, it h