Kyokushin-kan Radio #8 Essence and pidding matters

Progress in the modern world is remarkable. “Bring civilization back 100 years!”

It is the words of Sousai Oyama, who was told about 30 years ago when he saw that people were becoming too convenient and people were corrupt.

What would he think of the present day if he were alive?

Information is flooded in the world. People are excited to achieve the result without giving it a hard time.

The world of budo and martial arts are the same.

People search desperately the so-called secret which is immediately effective.

Sosai Oyama said, “There is no secret in the world! It’s a secret to practice twice or three times as many as people.”

I think it is really the most important thing.

I want to give a candit advice to modern karate people who stick to the immediate pidding secret without pursuing the essence with going back and forth.

Hatsu Royama

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