Kyokushin-kan Radio #7 What Budo Karate is

When I was a Uchideshi(apprentice), Kancho Royama proposed karate as martial arts, not competitive karate. Emphasized the differences between sports and karate, and the necessity of training that always assumes actual combat.

At that time, Kancho Royama practiced me how to fight for multiple enemies and enemies with weapons.

I often practiced the actual battle, such as the face and the balls attack.

Not to mention the practice, Kancho Royama often said that you should do everything thoroughly when you try. There is no doubt that it was a great guide for my training and life later.

Lifelong training, lifelong active duty, lifelong search.

Kancho Royama continues his training with an insatiable quest.

I would like to try and devote myself to keeping it a little closer.

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