Kyokushin-kan Radio #6 Continuity is the father of success.

This word means that it is important to continue for a long time as it is too famous or a standard. Sosai Oyama encouraged the adage “Three years on the stone” further, and said, “Ten years on the stone”. In the first place, the name “Kyokushin” is from the fact that “it is beginner with training 1,000 days, and it is full-fledged professional with training 10,000 days.’’ In short, it takes 30years to become fully qualified.

It has been 30 years since I started karate. I feel that I have only now understood the meaning of these words a little. Kancho Royama always said that “training should not be done with impulse of the moment”, but when started karate, it was fun to learn various basic skills, and excited to see strong seniors. When becomes a little stronger, you cannot wait to go to the dojo with feeling glad doing karate. Is this around the light blue belt? However, it gradually comes to get tired of every time same basic practice, and the kata learned with interest at first becomes boring, too. About kumite, get stricter by the senior,

and the face is kicked, the practice which was fun begins to become painful suddenly. This is around the green belt. It reaches a black belt in one more step, I think that it is frustrating at the time that it is not possible to reach the black belt easily. Let us say some people trained hard and got the black belt they were longing for, however there are some people who feel that the training so far has been rewarded here and lose motivation like balloon is singing. They come to the dojo occasionally and they get incredibly muscle pain to do squats and sit-up. As a result, they come to the dojo lesser than before. They were struck by a sense of disappointment: “What have I trained so long?”. “Motivation” and “trained body” are like boiling water, and if you stop keeping heat up, it will get cold. Once cooled, it must be heated from the same time until it returns to its original heat.

Kancho Royama said, “Once you enter the world, the time of the practice is the same as “Labor”. If you decide to practice for 4 hours a day, those 4 hours are dedicated to martial -arts, and you only have 20 hours a day, so you only have 20 hours a day. In short, it is “Live in the rest of time other than the time of the training”. Of course, it is not only people who are determined to do so, and there are people who practice once or twice a week as much as possible. Depending on the person’s determination, it is supposed to be possible to improve oneself by continuing for a long time.

The purpose of martial arts training is to constantly ask yourself questions in simple practices and to improve yourself. The attitude of “possible to do boring things without getting tired” is the basis of long-lasting, and you can achieve your goal because of it.

There are many barriers that force me to give up my martial arts practice, such as going on to higher education, finding employment, marriage and changing family environments, and health and age. If you try to quit, you can give it to any reason. if you want to continue, somehow you can make time. My work not free, so it is difficult to make time to do training. Recently, I get up at 5:00 a.m., and one hour of morning training is the minimum practice. The evening training is irregular, but there is not a day when I could not practice today because of it. I often park my car on my way home and do running, practice kata in parks in the dark mountains. When I started kobudo, I did not have time to swing a cane, so I made habit to swing a cane 300 times in front of my parking before I get home. Until three years ago, I was able to practice for about four hours a day, but now I am struggling with work and persevering. It is possible to manage to make time, if you combine small training time even you cannot take a lot of time. In 5 minutes, you can do squats 200 times, and in 10 minutes you can hit a sandbag 500 times with the back fist. If you think at this pace, you can practice quite a little in an hour. The point is motivating. ‘’Continuity is the father of success’’, The best practice may be to make time and trial and error to continue the practice.

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