Kyokushin-kan Radio #4 The kyokushin karate is forever

A week before President Oyama’s death, I was called to Seiluka Hospital (St. Luke’s International Hospital), where he was hospitalized. As I walked into the hospital room, the president sat on the bed and stared at his fist. I was not able to speak out and watched the scene for a while, but the president used to say, “I have been practicing karate for long year, but I also have doubts about how to hold my fists,” I thought he was really focused on that. Soon after, when he realized me, he corrected his posture, changed his position toward me, and opened his mouth very seriously. The expression at that time was not the usual plump and bloody president, but the cheeks were drawn, and half of the face was attracted and felt very painful. Even as such a president, I still vividly remember looking at me and powerfully saying, “The Kyokushin Karate is forever.” And “I want you to make such Kyokushin Karate with your hands” … It is not too much to say that my new life started at that time. Until now and future, I feel that it is my mission to do everything in my life to develop Kyokushin Karate.

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