Kyokushin-kan Radio #3 Practice 3 years ahead

In the world of sumo wrestling, there is a word called practice three years ahead. It takes three years to realize the results even if you do shikofumi (basic stamping sumo training) and teppo-tsuki (open hand sumo thrust) every day. Of course, it is not only about sumo wrestling, but karate is exactly same. In addition to acquire skills and power, it is necessary to accumulate basic practices in a way. My master, Hideo Nakamura, said that it would take three years to be able to do thrust and kick, even if you had repeatedly trained sandbag practice to give blood urine. No matter how much the current world is constantly advancing, the truth will not change. If you are chasing only the tournament in the eyes, you will lose your important essence. In the corona disaster, we must think now that we are away from the tournament.

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